Tenebrae are performing on

Saturday 2nd May | 8.00pm Sherborne Abbey

There is a wealth of choral music associated with the liturgy from the Eastern Orthodox Churches, dating back to the 16th Century and evolving more-or-less uninterrupted until the sudden decline in the Church’s fortunes which accompanied the Bolshevik Rebellion in 1917.

This programme performed by the Tenebrae Choir includes works from two of the greatest names in Russian music, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky, as well as gems by less well known composers, such as Chesnokov, Golovanov and Kalinnikov, rarely sung outside Russia.

“Tenebrae’s precision, dynamic range, unanimity of sound and musicality were nothing short of astonishing… It was breathtakingly beautiful.” – Cleveland Classical

“More polished choral singing would be hard to find.” – BBC Music Magazine

“Tenebrae reveals itself as one of those exceptional choirs whose individual singers have been moulded into a single superbly sensitive and responsive musical instrument.” – The Telegraph

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