Tenebrae “Queen of Heaven”

Saturday 30th April - 7.30pm

Director: Nigel Short

Award winning choir Tenebrae returns to the beautiful surroundings of Sherborne Abbey, this time with a wide-ranging programme of music composed for the Virgin Mary.

Throughout the ages, the Queen of Heaven has inspired countless artists to create some of their most exquisite masterpieces, an this collection spans several centuries of music from the 1600s to the present day.   The richness of Verdi and Grieg is juxtaposed with the serenity of Gregorian chant, and Parsons’ 16th century setting of the Ave Maria sits alongside Bruckner’s romantic interpretation of the same text.   

In this programme of dramatic contrasts, Nigel Short and Tenebrae bring their trademark passion and precision to music in its celebration of Mary, Mother of God.

£10, £15, £30, £35

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