Thank you to our ever-increasing group of Patrons for tremendous support over the years – we could not have maintained the quality and standard of our performances without you. There are many benefits to becoming a Patron (see below), not least of which is the advanced booking feature, available at all levels, which gives first choice of tickets when they go on sale. If you are not a Patron already we invite you to join us.

For more information contact:

Patron levels, benefits and cost

As you can see from the grid above, our Patrons receive a full range of privileges dependent on their level of patronage, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. Patrons also benefit from the knowledge that they are helping the Festival to grow. The prices above are for new patrons who wish to enjoy benefits from 2018.  See notes below if you are already a patron or are thinking of joining us.

TO JOIN: Download an Application Form and Standing Order here

To apply, simply download, print and return our Patrons’ application form and send it to us along with your completed Standing Order

Already a Patron?

Currently it is our intention that for the duration of your existing patronage you will only be liable to pay subscriptions at the levels applicable when you joined. So, for instance, if you are already a Silver Patron paying the previous subscription rate of £35 then your subscription will remain at £35 indefinitely. As an additional reward for continuous membership, this rule will still apply if you move between levels, so that a Silver Patron paying £35 will be able to move to Gold at £70.

We reserve the right to change these arrangements in the future if we feel that it is uneconomic to continue them.

Information for NEW Patrons

One of the key responsibilities of a Patron is to support the festival financially, ensuring that we can present high quality concerts at affordable prices. In order to maintain the level of support we have made some changes to the scheme. The changes, which will take effect from January 2016, are designed to enhance the benefits, maintain the level of monetary support we receive in real terms and incentivise long term membership.

Firstly, for new patrons only, we shall be raising our subscriptions for the first time since the Scheme was introduced. The new levels will be £140 for Platinum, £100 for Gold, £60 for Silver and £25 for Bronze.

Currently it is our intention that for the duration of your patronage you will only be liable to pay subscriptions at the levels applicable when you joined.

New patrons will be required to set up a banker’s standing order so that annual payments are not accidentally missed. Patrons whose subscriptions are knowingly cancelled will have to re-join at the prevailing higher rate and will not be entitled to early booking privileges for the season following their re-joining.

Festival Patron: We are very fortunate in having Sir John Eliot Gardiner CBE as our Festival Patron

Presidents: The Lord Bishop of Salisbury, The Bishop of Sherborne, The Revd Canon Eric Woods DL, Dame Dione Digby DBE DL, Mr Kenelm Edward Wingfield Digby, Dr Carol Colburn Grigor CBE.

Patrons Platinum:

Miss P Atkinson , Mr & Mrs M Balfour, Mrs M. Ballisat, Mr J Barber, Drs D & N Bathurst, Mr & Mrs M Bignell, Mr and Mrs B Brown, Mrs C Campbell-Pitt, Dr and Mrs J Cawood, Mrs M Christopher, Mr M Clarke, Mr & Mrs J J Collins, Mr M Cooke, Mr & Mrs M Crehan, Mrs V Davies, Viscount J Dilhorne, Mr & Mrs O Eimstad, Mr & Mrs R Goodden, Maj Gen J Hall, Mr and Mrs J Halsby, Mr & Mrs M. Hatch, Mrs J Hemmings , Dr & Mrs T Huins, Mr D Kirkpatrick, Dr A Lishman, Miss M Lovett, Mrs C Maynard, Mrs L Melvin, Mr W Newsom, Mr & Mrs R Palmer, Mr & Mrs A R Pyke, Dr J Rennie, Mrs B Sacher, Mr & Mrs J Senior, Mrs B Wilson.

Patrons Gold:

Revd P Agar, Mrs P Appleyard, Mrs H Barnes, Mr R Bawtree, Mr H Binney, Mr & Mrs M D Bird, Mrs J Blake, Mr N Block, Mrs A Bloor, Mrs F Bradshaw, Miss A Brunker, Miss S Cameron, Mr P Carson, Lady J Cooper, Mrs C Creese, Mrs P Darby, Mrs A C Dearle, Capt. R Fisher, Mr B Gambrill, Mr & Mrs A Gillard, Mr M Goodden, Sir Charles Gray, Mr & Mrs G. Harvey, Ms S C Higham, Mr & Mrs M J Howell, Revd C Huitson, Mrs K Jackman, Mrs J Jaggard, Mr J Jenkins, Sir J Jungius, Mr M Keene, Miss Wendy Laid, Mr. J. Le Sueur, Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, Mrs A Lumby, Mrs E L Rea, Mrs L Lipscombe, Mr & Mrs I Lucas, Mr C Luxmore, Mrs J McTaggart, Miss A Miller, Mrs M Moriarty, Mrs J Miller, Mrs P Morrell, Mrs B Morton, Mrs M Nendick, Mr D Prichard, Mr G Renwick, Rev P Revell, Mrs J Robinson, Mr D Sharman, Mr R Sharpe, Mrs D T Silk, Ms J Smith, Mr A Sparshott, Mrs P Stewart, Mrs J A Stisted, Mr B Stoat, Sir E Studd, Miss J Taylor, Mr & Mrs P Thomson, Mr A Thorpe, Mr & Mrs R Tomlinson, Ms M Verity Dick,  Mr H Watkins.

Patrons Silver:

Mrs J Allender, Sir John Blelloch, Mrs D Brown, Mr M Burton-Brown, Mr T Clark, Mrs S Collins, Mr T Daniel, Mr B Foster, Mr B Gambrill, Mrs K Greenrod, Sir Anthony Goodenough, Mrs H Greenstock, Mr F Grenier, Mrs Harman, Mr  M Hunt, Mr A Kaye, Mrs J King, Prof J Langdon, Mr & Mrs S Lillie, Mr C Lloyd, Mrs D Mitchell, Mr M Morton, Mr P Neal, Mr A Peck, Mr S Pitts, Dr J Puszet, Mr P Soole, Ms A Reeder, Mrs J Sturgess, Mr A W L Vosper, Mr R White.

Patrons Bronze:

Mr P Akers, Mr P Baillie, Mr S Bell, Capt & Mrs R Bethell, Mrs K Bowker, Mr R Chapman, Mrs D Davies, Mr & Mrs R Dean, Mrs S Du Parc Braham, Mr C Ennis, Mrs K Devereux, Mrs V Donell, Mr P Dimishky, Mr M Gates, Mr L Gilbert, Mrs N Haswell, Dr G Hawtin, Mrs L Harding, Mr M Hunt, Mr & Mrs C Jelbert, Mr C Jones, Mrs J Kershaw, Mrs A McCarthy, Mrs S Moreton, Mr & Mrs J Neilson, Mrs S Orchard, Mrs  S Oxley, Mr M Pain, Mr G Pay, Mrs S Sanders, Mr P Sclater, Mr A Smith, Mr and Mrs A Stebbings, Mrs J Stein, Mrs. C. Stones, Mr E W Thomas, Mrs J Vincent, Mr P Wiggall.

Thank you to all our existing Patrons; your support has been tremendous, please keep it going.  To all those thinking of becoming patrons, please do – not only will this help our Festival to grow but you will also enjoy privileges at the level you have chosen ~ John Baker, Chairman.

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Registered Charity

The Festival is run on behalf of Sherborne Abbey Parochial Church Council (PCC) : Registered Charity No.1130082, to support its charitable activities in the field of music.

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