The Tenebrae choir | Russian Treasures

The Tenebrae choir | Russian Treasures

Tenebrae are performing on

Saturday 2nd May | 8.00pm Sherborne Abbey

There is a wealth of choral music associated with the liturgy from the Eastern Orthodox Churches, dating back to the 16th Century and evolving more-or-less uninterrupted until the sudden decline in the Church’s fortunes which accompanied the Bolshevik Rebellion in 1917.

This programme performed by the Tenebrae Choir includes works from two of the greatest names in Russian music, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky, as well as gems by less well known composers, such as Chesnokov, Golovanov and Kalinnikov, rarely sung outside Russia.

“Tenebrae’s precision, dynamic range, unanimity of sound and musicality were nothing short of astonishing… It was breathtakingly beautiful.” – Cleveland Classical

“More polished choral singing would be hard to find.” – BBC Music Magazine

“Tenebrae reveals itself as one of those exceptional choirs whose individual singers have been moulded into a single superbly sensitive and responsive musical instrument.” – The Telegraph

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Author Michael Morpurgo stars at Festival

Author Michael Morpurgo stars at Festival

War Horse – Only Remembered has been announced as one of the star performances at the 2015 Festival.

Author Michael Morpurgo tells the powerful and deeply-moving story of young Albert and his beloved horse Joey. Seen through the eyes of Joey, who witnesses the pity of war on both sides of the trenches, as he moves from life on a farm in peaceful Devon to the devastation of the Western Front in the First World War.

Michael is joined by acclaimed musicians John Tams and Barry Coope, who accompany him with the rousing yet haunting songs specially composed by John Tams for the National Theatre’s award-winning production of War Horse.

“War Horse the book was inspired by a fireside chat in a Devon pub, over 30 years ago, with a veteran of the First World War. It has since been a National Theatre play, a symphony concert piece, a radio play and the Spielberg movie. But this concert version adapted by John Tams (the song-maker of the NT production, now four years into its London run) and sung by John Tams himself and Barry Coope, is the closest of all the adaptations to the original book, in which the voice of the storyteller is the voice of Joey, the horse on a Devon farm, sold away to the army to go to the front in 1914. And it’s the version in which, as the reader of the story on stage, I am most involved. Every time I read it, with John and Barry’s glorious music interwoven with the words, I feel as if I’m telling it for the first time, as if I was there, as the old soldier in the pub was, all those years ago.” – Michael Morpurgo

For those who would like to speak with him, Michael will be at the back of the Abbey after the performance.

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Friday 1st May | 8.00pm Sherborne Abbey


Sherborne Abbey Festival _ War Horse

“A captivating and poignant experience – read with so much expression by Michael, and the songs so simply presented, so
familiar, taking on new life as an integral part of the story. By the end of the performance there was scarcely a dry eye in the audience.” – Hector Gilchrist for


Listen to Stacey Kent

Listen to Stacey Kent

Enjoy this little taster of Stacey Kent from her latest ‘Changing Lights’ album ~ you can see her live at the Festival on Friday 2nd May.

Jiving Lindy Hoppers

Jiving Lindy Hoppers

Renowned for its eclectic mix of international stars and local talent, this year’s Sherborne Abbey Festival broadens the programme with a first visit by the exuberant Jiving Lindy Hoppers and Harry Strutters’ Hot Rhythm Orchestra, with an irresistible invitation to join them for an evening “Swinging at the Cotton Club” at the Big School Room of Sherborne School on Sunday 4th May.

The Cotton Club was the famous New York nightclub that attracted the rich and famous to the black ghetto of Harlem in the 1920s and 30s. At a time when black musicians had to enter hotels or concert halls by the back door, the Cotton Club was a mecca for white and black music-lovers alike to  hear America’s greatest jazz musicians, composers, band-leaders, singers and dancers. The list of performers at the club includes Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller, Bojangles and the dancing Nicholas Brothers.

The Jiving Lindy Hoppers, arguably the world’s leading jazz dancers, and Harry Strutters’ Hot Rhythm Orchestra celebrate this fabulous, legendary nightclub and its enduring legacy. They are accompanied by vocalist Marlene Hill and compere and singer Megs Etherington.

Swinging at the Cotton Club begins at 7.45pm.

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